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Computational methods for sorting and organizing data can have enormous benefits, especially when there’s a large amount of data to process. Hand encoding, in contrast, can be tremendously labor intensive, yet some types of distinctions that are all but impossible for a computer to make are comparatively easy for a person. Understanding differences between these tagging methods is a crucial aspect of studying Twitter.

TagCloud of Hashtags (Machine Encoded)

mikebrownverdict KHOU 2A NYPD MTP Castle Uniteblue police cbs FAIL nbc teaparty Ouch prayforferguson Bullshit runforjustice tlot wpxi StopObamasAmnesty justsaying Palestine WATCH wontendwell Spelman riot StLouis priorities disrespect AC360 nojusticenopeace NoPhoneCall Sad ImmigrationAction TheDecision ThugMentality TrayvonMartin oakland MLK tgdn abc Boston Pray4Ferguson DanIsom HBCUs4Justice GOP BillCosby Chi2Ferguson OpDefense 108Days TheLead DEM msnbc fox25 TooManyToName FergusonLive lgbt HoodsOff Sitroom republicans Thanksgiving insane MTVStars FergusonGrandJury sa Chicago JusticeForMichaelBrown PrayersForFerguson none Ohio RedNationRising boil BlackFriday RIPMikeBrown DONTSHOOT fox5atl HappeningNow policebrutality staywoke HumanRights GuardianCam protesters America Hagel Gruber protest NYC hate Unbelievable smh icant ProtestInPeace Manipulation PoliceState KKK changePenang HandsUpDontShoot PantsUpDontLoot DearFerguson FilmThePolice caring JusticeForMikeBrown News besafe United obama AnonymousOpFerguson 148feet MichaelBrown handsup RekiaBoyd merica ArrestDarrenWilson FergusonDecision CNN USA GovNixon Fox7 HTGAWM FergusonAction cantrussit Clayton ShutItDown indictment FergusonRiotTips FergusonEverywhere GrandJuryVerdict justice BlackPanic IndicttheSystem JayNixon SleepyHollow politics TamirRice MikeBrownMeans AkaiGurley ACAB IndictTheCop FergusonMissouri FergusonPHL DarrenWilsonVerdict NY racism tcot lnyhbt FoolsErrand FreeTheHLF5 STL FergusonRiotTrips PrayForPeace Missouri wcvb BreakingNews prayforSTL MO riots NoJusticeNoProfit STLTogether SleepyHolla IndictDarrenWilson woke UnionSquare gretawire CNRapp rome Ferguson Seattle Cleveland FergusonNovember solidarity OpFerguson grandjury FreeMarissa anarchy injustice CashinIn MarissaAlexander HowToGetAwayWithMurder wilson StreamTeam BlackLivesMatter history BlackTwitter inequality FoxNews factsonly alert Pittsburgh politicsnation MH370 Trayvon WTF pray MikeBrown Occupy knowyourrights OpKKK Fox p2 fergusongrandjurydecision BREAKING JordanDavis freedomofspeech on ff VerdictDay STANDFORSOMETHING OfficerWilson ShantelDavis Shaw VerdictOutcome FrancisSlay LAPD libcrib Morehouse inners anonymous Respect HOUSTON GrandJuryDecision nerdland racist nixon niteblue indictwilson Fergsuon ccot pjnet ksdk Ebola Holder fb FTP FOX13 mich OneLove Atlanta martiallaw Peacefully FergusonVerdict peace US verdict LifeofJulia live Mockingjay Reuters whitesupremacy DarrenWilson NeverForget EyesOnFerguson