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Back to the Land collection: sense of place

Image Title Creator Keywords
Columbine from Out Back Jones, Doug architecture, sense of place
A Vision: St. Lawrence County as a Whole, Self-Sufficient Community Jones, Doug 4th world, dairy farms, land use, organic farming, sense of place
Almost as Old as the Hills Themselves. Fred L. Ashworth Casline, Alan sense of place, trees
Dead Elms Ashworth, Fred L. poetry, sense of place, trees
Great Moments in Local History history, sense of place
Jacobs' Story Jacobs, Lorene sense of place
Moving the Microcosm a Hand-full at a Time Casline, Alan poetry, sense of place
Re-Inhabitation Snyder, Gary sense of place
Reminiscence Gibeau, Elizabeth sense of place
The Founding of Beanboro Pike, Bill sense of place
Trees, Wintergreen and the A.P.A. sense of place, trees
Working the Land: A View of Progress Van de Water, John sense of place
Surviving a Few Days Karkut, James biographical, sense of place
Farm as Ecology Casline, Alan biographical, ecology, farming, sense of place
A Conversation with Merritt Mayne biographical, folklife, mills, sense of place, sheep
The House that Van de Water Built Heller, Karen architecture, biographical, sense of place
Sid Patterson: River Rat of Alex Bay Murphy, Peter biographical, folklife, sense of place
Barn Builder: Interview with Stan Flannigan of Waterman Hill Casline, Alan barn building, barns, biographical, building, sense of place
Birds Foot: A Commune Streit, Robin biographical, communal living, communes, sense of place
Eaton Eating Local Helps Environment Huttinger, Claire biographical, climate change, energy, local food, sense of place
Three Letters from an Adirondack Hermitage Smith, Mason adirondacks, biographical, cabins, hermits, hitchhiking, sense of place