Digital Collections @ St. Lawrence University

A Preliminary Checklist of Materials Relating to the Back to the Land Movement in St. Lawrence County, NY, c. 1960-Present


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      Country Books, 2001.

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      Canton, NY, Jonsylvania Publishing, 1990.

Articles: Periodicals, Online, and Newspaper

Bassity, Christopher. "Getting from Here to There: On Water and in Memory." 1992, 2 p.

Bassity, Christopher. "Whose Place is this?"  
     1993, 4 p.

Bassity, Christopher. "Lost, Perplexed and Other Orientations." 1996.  2 p.

Bassity, Christopher. "Pete Frick, Who Lived in Farley."  1997, 1p.

Bassity, Christopher. "The Twenty-Nine Pound Rat Trap." 2000, 1 p.

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     New York Times, January 28, 1985. Section B, p 1, column 5.

"Macomb 'Hippie dome' Razed to Make Way for Wesleyans."  Watertown Daily Times,
     back page, August 19, 2005.

Trebilcock, Bob. Country Optimism (Homesteading in St. Lawrence County, New 
     York State), Blair and Ketchum's Country Journal. 1986, v. 13, p. 26, 27.


Rootdrinker. 1975-1985. vol. 1-15.

Round Robin Newsletter.  ???????

Women Together: The Journal of North Country Women

Rural Life Association Newsletter.  Irregular 1980-1986?

Of Related Interest:

Agnew, Eleanor. Back from the Land. Chicago: Ivan R. Dee, 2004.

Harper, Douglas.  Changing Work : Visions of a Lost Agriculture. Chicago, University
      of Chicago Press. 2001.

Perks, Micah. Pagan Time: an American Childhood. Washington, D.C. Counterpoint,

Rocco, Ellen. Energy News and Views. column. Gouverneur Tribune. 1976-1980.

Van de Water, John.  Rural Living. Columns. St. Lawrence Plaindealer. Canton, NY. c1980-1990

Van de Water, Peter.  Rural Living II. St. Lawrence Plaindealer, Canton, NY  2003-.

Tosti, Jodi. NCPR, 10/29/2000. Radio Interview with John and Liz Scarlett.

Warner, Gregory. New People, New Plans for Small Farms. North Country Public
      Radio.  January 13, 2006.

Website. Garden Resource Center for Northern New York.