Digital Collections @ St. Lawrence University

The Rootdrinker is a journal with a bio-regional and environmental outlook with a focus on the St. Lawrence Border Country.  "Local News as if People Mattered" was one tag line. It covered the great protests against 765KV powerlines and nuclear power plants on the St. Lawrence River, a battle that involved many of the region's homesteaders. Rootdrinker was way ahead of the curve on food and farm policy and included a number of visionary articles on the future of food.

The Northern Light Magazine was produced by students at St. Lawrence University. The Northern Light Special Theme Issue: Alternative Energy/Life Styles includes articles on local homesteaders, Birdsfoot Farm, greenhouses, local food issues and more. This issue has be included in the Back to the Land Research Collection on account of its focus.

The Newsletter of the of the Rural Life Association is a publication that was at the heart of the St. Lawrence River Valley's the back to the land movement during the 1980's.  Published irregularly, it features articles, meeting minutes, homesteader classified ads and more.

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Started by a group of small-scale farmers, market gardeners and homesteaders from around St. Lawrence County, the Natural Farmers' Co-operative of the St. Lawrence Valley worked to foster natural/organic/biological farming and alternative agricultural methods; to promote the development of a strong, locally integrated food economy; to preserve small family farms; and to be a clearinghouse and focus of sharing, social interaction, creative stimulation and inspirations for small-scale farmers and homesteaders.

Additional issues will be added shortly....