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Transplanting Onions Jones, Doug organic farming
Tree View of Gardens in Late June Jones, Doug organic farming
Various Deer Control Methods Jones, Doug deer control, organic farming
Vetch Jones, Doug cover crops, green manure, organic farming, vetch
View of the Fields Jones, Doug organic farming
Washing Carrots at the Washstand Jones, Doug basil, organic farming
Washing Lettuce Jones, Doug lettuce, organic farming
Washing Tires of Manure/Compost Spreader Before Going into Quarentine Field Jones, Doug organic farming, plant diseases
Weeding and Thinning Spinach Williams Bergen, Eric organic farming, spinach, weeding
Wheel Hoeing Beans and Carrots Jones, Doug appropriate technology, organic farming, tools, weeding, wheel hoe
Wheel Hoeing Spinach Bed Jones, Doug appropriate technology, cultivation, organic farming, spinach, weeding
Winter Squash Interplanted with Spinach Jones, Doug interplanting, organic farming, season extension, spinach, winter squash
Young Asparagus Jones, Doug asparagus, organic farming
A Vision: St. Lawrence County as a Whole, Self-Sufficient Community Jones, Doug 4th world, dairy farms, land use, organic farming, sense of place
Birds Foot: A Farm Hougland, Kim dairy cows, organic farming
Essentials of a Native Agriculture Todd, John food policy, organic farming
Feeding Ourselves in the North Country Jones, Doug food policy, local food, organic farming, season extension
Feeding Ourselves in the North Country Jones, Doug cold frames, organic farming, row covers, season extension, seedlings, soils
Impressions of a Conference on Alternative Agriculture Nolland, Ron organic farming
Natural Organic Farmers Annual Meeting activism, organic farming
Water, Weeds, Worms and Mulch Jones, Doug organic farming
Girl on Horse with Cattle Jones, Doug cattle, organic farming
Three men working in garden Jones, Doug organic farming