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Mother I seat myself to day to answer your kinde favor

Mother  I seat myself to day to answer your kinde favor
Mother  I seat myself to day to answer your kinde favor


Sunderland, Darwin
Sunderland, Darwin
Brandy, VA
Original letter: ink on paper, 2 p.


Camp 106th Regt. N.Y. Volls.
Near Brandy Va.
February 1st/64
I seat myself to day to answer your kinde favor which came to hand that next day after I wrote, also makeing a request to you for another pair of shirts and boots for an English comrad of mine[.]  He wants the shirt made finnished like mine and the same cloth as near as you can get[.] they want to be made a little longer in the armes, also put some buttons on the pockets. As for the boots, if Briley will make two or three pairs of boots and wait untill we get paid for his pay you may have him make them and send them. also send me a pair of pocket hdkf [handkerchiefs] one marked D. W. S. the other C.T. the entials of the englishmans name  put me in a good big cake and if you have a chance you may get 2 or 3 pair of shoulder braces and send through[.] Charley Temple says he will have a ($10.00) bill for the shirts as soon as we get our pay. the other things I can sell for a good price[.] You may send me a ball of butter with the sheaf of wheat on it also one pair of socks. I recieved the letter with one enclosed from ‘F’ in due time and was please to learn that everything was all right.  I saw some of the boys that was in camp with John at malone and they say they think he got into the cavelry but some of them were sent here into the “heavy sixth” reserve artillery corps[.]  Those I saw were boys from Lisbon.  I have not had any letters from John yet.  I hope to hear from him soon. I had a letter from P. A. Wells last night. he is well and is keep very buisy now writing[.] he says he is looking forward to the time when he shall be free to go north and fill his lungs with good pure north air once more.  I believe he has heard no answer to the letter he wrote you last November.  I think you had better write to him.  I will enclose another letter which I hope will be safely deliverd to whom it is adresse.  Please do not trust it in to many hands.  I am out of stamps and have to borrow.  Please send me some as soon as posable.  some 1ct 2cts & 3cts. send me a dollars worth as soon as you can get them and I will reward you for it as soon as we get some money.  I am just out now.  Write soon and let me know what prospect about shirts & boots.                                    D. W. Sunderland

[located on top left corner of first page of original letter]   
P.S.  We shall probely get pay about the last of March or the first of April at which time if I can get all that is coming to me I can send $100.00 home[.]                                    D.W.S.

Private Charles Temple U.S.A. of Company C of the 106th New York.

11th Cavalry “Scott’s 900”.  Mustered into service in June of 1862.


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February 1, 1864


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