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Letter from Darwin Sunderland to Philena Sunderland, December 16th, 1861

Letter from Darwin Sunderland to Philena Sunderland, December 16th, 1861
Letter from Darwin Sunderland to Philena Sunderland, December 16th, 1861
Letter from Darwin Sunderland to Philena Sunderland, December 16th, 1861
Letter from Darwin Sunderland to Philena Sunderland, December 16th, 1861


Sunderland, Darwin
Sunderland, Darwin
Letter from Darwin Sunderland in Albany to his mother in Rensselaer Falls, dated December 16, 1861
Albany Barracks
Original letter: ink on paper, 4 p., 1 folded 8x10 in. sheet
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Mother, I received Your Letter this Fore-noon and you may be sure that I was glad to hear from you.  I should have been home be fore you had written if Bristol had done as he said he would but he has not so I do not know when I shall be home now  Mr. Wallace leaves for home tomorrow morning and I sent this by him and some others  he is a very fine man  I think he says he will come and stay all night with you.  And now about the times we had in new York and on Long Island  We were on long Island one week and we had to stay in a horse-barn without any bed or blanket and we did not have the best of food to eat and then the regiments broke up and they wanted to send us to Governors Island.  And some said to tell us but they did not get us there. but the boys think that Bristol cannot run a company.  I want you should write to me as soon as you get this and let me know what the fathers think about it and whether Bristol is trying to do anything as not all the boys from the Falls have gone home but Frank Gerome and he has written to Washburn.  As near as we can find out the boys that come back told a pretty hard story about things herr but I should like to know how the citizens appreciate there deserters at home.  I should like to censhur them about deserting.  I never shall be called a deserter if I have to stay my three years.  If I could get a good discharge I would come home now for I have seen enough to satisfy me that is a money making business.  all though if Bristol makes up a company I shall go with him as long as I can stand it for he promised me a seargent place if the boys were ______and they are.  what few thare is has I guess if Bristol does not get up a company I may come home to stay unless they are fit to put me in the cavalry  they say they can do that but not into infantry.
I must now tell you now about my first experience in duty last week.  I done the first days work I have done since I come from home and that was a standing on guard and in the evening I had to chase a deserter and that was the first fun I have had since I come from home.  we went a bout a mile over the hills and through the woods but did not catch him.  Then on night before last I was called out to do picket Duty and picket and guard duty are very different.   Picket is away from the camp.  Well that night I was called out to go to city to catch some boys that run the guard and when I got a ____________________________________________________________
With a bayonet in my hands with my uniform on and all I thought I was some ________________ and a good deal more ___________________________________
I want you to write right after or on chirstmas   if I do not come home before so that I can get it before new year.  I was very glad to get that money and today I eat  the first piece of pie I have eat since I came from home  from your


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ODY Special Collections MSS. COLL. NO. 126; Series 1; Box 1; Folder 3
Sunderland Family Collection
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December 16, 1861


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