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Home  Well I have not had any letters
Home  Well I have not had any letters
Home  Well I have not had any letters
Home  Well I have not had any letters


Sunderland, Darwin
Sunderland, Darwin
Martinsburg, VA
Original letter: ink on paper, 4 p.


Camp Jackson
Martinsburgh Va
Dec 28th 1862
Well I have not had any letters from you for some time back.  The last was the one that had a bill of the things in the box or the one that was written soon after for I got them both together.   Well how did you spend Christmas?   I sent a piece of beef to the bakers to get it baked had that with some cake and butter  & cheese and I invited Ina Spaulding and Mat Williams brothers after dinner had ___ ____.  Yesterday we had to pull up stakes and travail [travel] for the first time since I have been a soldier.  We have been out on two short trips before but did not have to pull down our tents.   But this time the whole regiment had to move tents and all we took the cars at two o clock yesterday.   Arrived at this place sometime this morning before daylight.  All I had to leave behind was a watch that I left at the watch makers to get cleaned before I went to Greenland and when I come back I did not have a dollar to get it with and when I did get money the watch maker had gone to Wheeling to spend Christmas & New Years so I could not get it.  When I come away it was worth $12.00.  I may get a chance to send for it yet.   We have not got any yet but I have got just one dollar left, besides Levi of that owing me, but cannot get it till we get paid off.   Martinsburgh is quite a large place.  It is as large as Canton.  We are surrounded quite so close with mountains.   I can see them in the distance.   We are encamped on a side hill slope and to the south and right going up is the camp of the 126 Ohio.   I suppose this Regt is the pride of St. Lawrence Co.  I mean the 106.   Lodge James was here to see us on Christmas day (our Colonels farther) and he says that we are the best regiment he has seen and the people here say we are called best in the field but I don’t that some [think so].  But we are well drilled now.   Tell Austin I am very thankful to him for the gum and that I will make him another ring as soon as I can.  I think he must have large fingers for I wear a good deal smaller ring than that on my litter finger.  I am well and in the best of spirits at present and hope I may continue so. The cayenne pepper does not come amiss.  I tell you it is so good a thing a soldier can carry with him.  Please send me some postage stamps for I cannot by [buy] any here now they are out.  I have keepe [kept] a supply on hand till now and tried to by [buy] some yesterday and could not.   This from D.W. Sunderland


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December 28, 1862


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September 28, 2011