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Greenland December 11, 1862

Greenland  December 11, 1862
Greenland  December 11, 1862
Greenland  December 11, 1862
Greenland  December 11, 1862


Sunderland, Darwin
Sunderland, Darwin
Greenland Gap, VA
Original letter: ink on paper, 4 p.


Greenland       Dec. 11th 1862

On the morning of the 9th Co. C 106 Regt. Packed up and started for Greenland.  We had very fine times.   Nothing happened of any account till near noon when a flock of geese flew over at which several shots were fired but did not amount to anything.  But in a few moments there were another flock flying past when I thought I would try my luck.   So I brought up my piece and at the firemost one and no sooner had I shot when down fell an old gander and the flock lit about 100 rods ahead when there was about 50 shots fired killing 21 more.  When we had traveled about 12 miles we stopped for dinner.  when that was eat 7 or 8 of us ______on shouting at every hen turkey and goose that made its appearance till we had all we could carry.   When one of the party _______ till the baggage wagon come up  The rest of us moved on.  We reached our destination just sundown 30 miles from Camp Lessie and a tireder lot of men you never saw.   And as soon as we got our supper the most of the boys camped for the night.  And I went about half a mile from where we were in camp and spent the evening.  There were 8 young ladies there which made which made things quite pleasant.  But they think that negroes were born for slaves and nothing else.  They brought a half a bushel black walnuts and we had quite a time cracking nuts  Sergt. Fieldson from depyster was with me.   We stayed till quite late and then went to work.

Dec. 10th (1862)          After breakfast the Capt. and myself and 4 or 5 others went to view Green land Gap about 1 ½ miles distant.  Greenland Gap is a gap or pass through the Morgana mountains.  It is 1 mile in extent and about 75 rods in width.  At the top the rocks are piled up on ____ and somewhere near a half mile high which makes the place look very terrific and wonderful.  There is a stream of water running through it our which extend a bridge some two hundred feet above water  This bridge was burned by the rebels about a year ago  They retreated through this pass and if they had not burned the bridge they would have been taken prisoners   so the people say that live here.
I kept a waiting around most of the day and I found a pass as water course that extend three miles under ground in which there is a good many trout.  It is as mountainous here as it is around camp Lessie.   we have have been _______ along every mountain.  ____ there was a good deal shoveling going on through the day and just dark as I was coming in.  I come past a house where there was some Turkeys on the roost and I thought I would make a shot at them and I was some 20 rods off  but down one of them come and they thought of ________  _________________________
for it  It made the boys mad to think I shot it   everything passed of very well excepting a few which sat ___________


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December 11, 1862


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