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Father & Mother I now am about to write you

Father & Mother  I now am about to write you
Father & Mother  I now am about to write you
Father & Mother  I now am about to write you
Father & Mother  I now am about to write you


Sunderland, Darwin
Sunderland, Darwin
Albany, NY
Original letter: ink on paper, 4 p.


Albany Barracks Jan. 24/ 62                                                Father & Mother
I now am about to write to you to let you know that I am still in the land of the living   I have seen two short lines from you since I wrote.  You wanted I should write how many logs I bought of Mr. Keefe  Three was 9 176/300 standard by which makes 2,956 of lumber a going to him and the sawing was to be charged to him $7.99  and he is to have 2,956 of lumber.   And then in regard to Mr. Harley’s acct.  He had 2,415 ft at $6,00 pr ____ and he was to pay me in hemlock logs at _______ 2 ½ per standard which makes 23 55/300 standard that he owes me or 29 standards and 55 feet.   I suppose you know how to measure logs.   Now in regard to the logs I had a _____ Leytle.   I had 4 28/300 standards for which I was to pay him $37 1/2 per standard for which he was to take his pay in sawing.   So you can give him 6/ $1.65  he measured the logs himself and I got C Van Water to measure them for me and I have my little Diary with me and it comes handy now.  Leytle may sputter some when you come to tell him how much those logs measure for.  I think he stretched them some and that is the reason I get Van Water to measure them.  Verne Childes owes me $6.00 which I was to take my pay in logs this winter and I was to draw them myself.   I was to pay him $.31 for hemlock and $.62 for hard wood logs and he was to cut them and help load them.   He has got some fine soft maple fir.  I went and see them and I told him that I would take all of them and he said he did not want any money.   He would take it out of the mill or off from the farm.   They are good logs and will make good cabinet stuff which will bring from $1200 to $1500 per thousand.   You can do as you please about taking them now.  I should like to know where Thomas Swanton is this winter and what he is a doing.   If he is around the falls get him to work for you and get something on that note.   And if he is to work anywhere please write to me and let me know where.   Anything more that you want to know about the mill just write and I will inform you to the best of my ability.
I am sick a bed today and have to lay down to write this letter.   I think that I must have catched cold day before yesterday.   I have been to work in the mess hall and that day we scoured off our tables and I got my feet wet and I layed a bed most of the time yesterday and I did not eat anything till this morning.  The orderly brought me up some tea and toast and I eat a few mouthfuls of it.   I have a pretty sore throat this morning.   If you can read this letter you can do better than I can for I cannot read it after it gets cold.   You wanted to know something about my clothes.   Well I will tell you I have had my clothes about six weeks ago but my old clothes were not worth sending home.    We have not had any pay yet and I do not know when we will get it.  They say that the pay roll was not made out write rite  This regiment is not organized yet so I do not know for certain when we shall leave here.   We were to start this morning but now they say we shall not go till Monday morning and I do not think they will be ready to go then.   I do not know but if I had my pay I should come home yet before I go to the seat of war.  But I have not got any money to come with  I suppose it is a good thing.  I have not got my pay you cannot say that I have spent more than I have earned.   That is if I ever get my pay.   All of the money I have had since I left home is $3.75  I had to borrow a dollar yesterday to pay for some washing and I got 25 cents worth of letter stamps.  So I can 7 or 8 more letter yet.   There’s several little things that I want and I have been a waiting to get my pay.   I want a pen case & a portfolio,  suspenders  and my razor and strap and such things that I left behind.   If you had just as live send me some postage stamps as not I should be glad to have them and be very thankful if there’s any body a coming here that you can send by just send my rasor and rasor strap   We have some pretty hard boys and some pretty good  we have prayer every night in our company and then a good exertation from the citizens from Albany.   Last night there were three that came up one pretty smart man.  I must draw my scribbling to a close by bidding you all good morning                                                                        From your affectionate son
DarwinWhen I get money enough I will have my likeness taken and send it to you


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January 24, 1862


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