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Image Title Creator Keywords
Still Life of Asparagus Jones, Doug asparagus, mulch, organic farming
Still Life with Garden Tools Jones, Doug appropriate technology, tools
Sunchokes at the Washstand in Wintertime Jones, Doug jerusalem artichokes, organic farming, season extension, sunchokes
Sweetclover, Vetch and Spinach Jones, Doug cover crops, green manure, spinach, sweetclover, vetch
Taking Down a Tree at Birdsfoot Jones, Doug architecture, dwellings, porches, trees
Terraced Gardens from Roof Jones, Doug erosion control, organic farming, terraces
The 100 Yard Weed Sprinters, On Your Mark... Jones, Doug cultivation, organic farming, weeding
Three men standing in field Jones, Doug organic farming
Threshing Spinach Seeds Jones, Doug seeds, spinach, threshing
Tile Draining Terraces Jones, Doug drainage, organic farming, terraces
Tomatoes in Handcart Jones, Doug handcarts, tomatoes
Tomatoes Mulched Jones, Doug mulch, tomatoes
Topset Garlic in August Jones, Doug garlic, organic farming
Tour of Local Farm Jones, Doug onions, potatoes
Tractor Ride Jones, Doug gatherings, tractors
Transplanting Onions Jones, Doug organic farming
Tree Nearly Felled by Beavers Jones, Doug beavers, trees
Tree Planting Jones, Doug trees
Tree View of Gardens in Late June Jones, Doug organic farming
two people playing in field Jones, Doug
Various Deer Control Methods Jones, Doug deer control, organic farming
Vetch Jones, Doug cover crops, green manure, organic farming, vetch
View of the Fields Jones, Doug organic farming
Visiting Jones, Doug gatherings
Visiting on the Birdsfoot Porch Jones, Doug architecture, porches
Visiting on the Porch Jones, Doug dogs, porches
Visiting on the Porch Jones, Doug gatherings, porches
Washing Carrots at the Washstand Jones, Doug basil, organic farming
Washing Jerusalem Artichokes Jones, Doug harvest
Washing Jerusalem Artichokes in Wintertime Jones, Doug harvest, jerusalem artichokes
Washing Leeks at the Washstand Jones, Doug
Washing Lettuce Jones, Doug lettuce, organic farming
Washing Tires of Manure/Compost Spreader Before Going into Quarentine Field Jones, Doug organic farming, plant diseases
Weeding and Thinning Spinach Williams Bergen, Eric organic farming, spinach, weeding
Wheel Hoeing Beans and Carrots Jones, Doug appropriate technology, organic farming, tools, weeding, wheel hoe