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Portrait of Paul Robinson, Kenya Semester Program director from 1979-1999 (taken, Spring 1993). This photo has hung much to Paul Robinson’s dismay in the main dining area of the KSP dorm for nearly two decades. Via our KSP facebook page he finally told the story in his words: "We were on our way from Soit Orgoss, near Loliondo, on one of the Tanzania field courses, making our way down the escarpment towards Lake Natron, Ngare Sero, and Ol Donyo Lengai. The students in the trucks were silent, tense, pensive, apprehensive, anxious, and fearful in the Dorobo trucks. Nothing seemed to be able to lighten the mood. Stories they'd heard about the 2 am ascent of Lengai, the extreme gradient, heat, exhaustion, and all... What popped into my head was "Climb Every Mountain," sung by Mother Abess to Maria from "The Sound Of Music." So, I donned one of the student's kitenge cloths, stood up, turned around and belted out "Climb Every Mountain" in a ridiculous falsetto." Mother Abess herself! The mood changed rather abruptly; the dark clouds evaporated. Excitement, laughter, song - anticipation. Just a day in the life of a Director of the KSP..." Facebook June 2nd, 2013
Loliondo, Tanzania
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