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With over 40 years of engagement with East Africa, and 2000 plus alumni of the program, we are actively seeking contributions that will help make this archive represent the diverse array of experiences.

Few archives of study abroad programs like the SLU Kenya program exists, so this project is an important model to help preserve and document the study abroad experience over time. Your donated materials will be preserved and in many cases digitized to allow generations of future students, researchers and alumni to examine the long term impact of the St. Lawrence-Kenya connection.

We need your help to make this a vibrant and comprehensive repository of the history of the Kenya program.

Ways to Donate:

Please consider donating any of the below types of materials in the following ways.  Please be in touch directly if you have any questions about the options and/or have suggestions for this project. 

What we need

  • Journals and Field Notes: Since the program origins in the early 1970s students have kept detailed journals about field experiences and recorded personal observations and thoughts about Kenya.  As one of the most significant sources in understanding student experiences over time, we want to preserve your journal for generations to come.
  • Written or artistic reflections of Kenya: Personal reflections about your time in Kenya may have also been produced in other forms. For instance, perhaps you wrote an article for your local paper, composed poetry or artwork about a certain experience or kept a blog about your time in Kenya. Letters written home might also provide some interesting perspectives.
  • Photographs/videos: Visual sources are an important part of the archive. Please consider donating photos from your time in Kenya and identify these photos by semester, year and location.
  • Other sources: There may be many other types of materials that you think best captures that history of the KSP and the long term impact of the program on alumni. please contact Dr. Matt Carotenuto  to discuss the type of materials you may have

Option 1:

Donate directly to the St. Lawrence University Archives

Placed in a climate controlled repository in the Owen D. Young Library, your materials will be preserved by professional archivists and staff and be cataloged as part of SLU’s Special Collections. Selected items will be digitized, added to this digital collection and made available to researchers from around the world. To learn more about the benefits of this long term preservation program contact the University Archivist:

Mark McMurray
Curator of Special Collections & University Archivist
(315) 229-5476

Option 2:

Participate in the Digital Archive Project

The collection is designed as both a living repository for student experiences and as a growing research collection to examine the long term impact of study abroad.

As a digital archive we are always looking for new materials and perspectives to add to our collection.

You are invited to sign up for an account and contribute to the archive by helping us identify dates, places and activities associated with the images and documents in this digital archive.

Option 3:

Upload a digital copy of your materials

Upload a high-quality scanned document or digital image of your materials.

We will be building out this functionality in the coming months....