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Your first letter from California arrived...


Kent, Rockwell, 1882-1971
Original letter: ink on paper, 1 p.
Date Original: 
1940, February 28


Ausable Forks
New York
February 28, 1940


My Darling:--
Your first letter from California arrived yesterday afternoon just after my return from Schenectady (I had gone there to appear on television)  This is to be a hasty answer to it to go by this morning’s mail.  If I only knew your address in Las Vegas I’d send the letter and a wire there to be there when you arrived.  Darling—it is only to tell you that there is so much of all our past continually welling up in me that I have to rigidly stop thinking.  And I will not write it.  Only know that I recall such continuous loveliness and devotion as makes me in the light of what is happening [only] either crazy or a fool.  The reasons — and of course there are reasons why what we are doing is right – are my own short-comings.  Oh darling:  I know what you have always been to me.  And I know that you will always be that.
I will never let Sally know what goes on in my thoughts about you and me.  She is so good, so [unswayingly] sweet.  And she does love me and [us] more as the days go by.  Thank you, darling, for your goodness to her.  Please write to her.  She now sends her love and says shall write soon.
Please please, my darling, keep good thoughts of me and let us only grow closer and closer.  I want to cry on your shoulder.
Yes:  your plans sound good.  Why the James’s haven’t written I don’t know.  It’s probably because they’ve first tried to get in touch with their friends.
I’ll send money by my next letter.  Write me often and tell me all you can of your life in Las Vegas.  What can I send you?
And now I close.  All that I feel and want to say I’ve left unsaid.  I must.  Do me at least that honor in your thoughts:  I know your greatness and your loveliness.  I do; and always will.


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