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That was so beutiful a wire that you sent me!


Kent, Rockwell, 1882-1971
Original letter: ink on paper, 2 p.
Date Original: 
1940, March 23


Ausable Forks
New York
March 23d, 1940


My Darling: 
That was so beautiful a wire that you sent me!  I’d have jumped onto a plane for Las Vegas just to throw my arms around you, if it had only been possible.  There never was so good and so loving a woman as you.  I will never love you less than the most I have ever loved you.  And that, darling, is very much.
Sally hasn’t that Tre – (?) disease.  The new diagnoses is a “glandular fever” though I’m not convinced that he’s right.  It is a sickness about which little is known, and nothing and nothing about its immediate cause.  It has nothing to do with any tendency or weakness of the victims.  I mean it can hit anyone.  It is not dangerous, though it lasts some weeks.  Sally can now with great effort move around, though yesterday she avoided it and got terribly swollen legs as a result.  Today she is out of bed but only sitting in a chair.    Shall probably be able to come to the table when the kids are here and sit up some [hours?] in [bedroom?].  But it will be pretty uncomfortable for her.
Oh darling, -- I wish you now to be here!  It will never never be right without you.  But that’s a secret of ours.  Please come as early as you can.  Then you can help fix up the little house.  I want it to be perfectly lovely.  It is still winter.  Almost every day it snows; so that the few hours that it has [rained] has made little or no difference in the look of the [country].  Right now it is blowing hard, snowing every little while, and very raw & cold.
The barn looks nice with the wood in the walls.  I’ve put most of the pictures back but haven’t had time to finish them.
Do you know that an awful lot of things have been broken in the house in the past.  Every time I pick up a vase it comes apart in my hands.  I’m having ____ move things, and I’ve sent that Indian bowl (in the library) to the Brooklyn Museumto be fixed.  But that was broken years & years ago.  I tell you this _____ I feel myself to be custodian of what is and always will be our or your property.  I’ll take good care of things and so will Sally.  She is a good care taker.
That’s all now. Please darling do write when you can.  I can’t help worrying when you don’t.   And always            I DO!               And always       I WILL.


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