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A letter has just come from you...


Kent, Rockwell, 1882-1971
Original letter: pencil on paper, 2 p.
Date Original: 
1940, February 1


Thursday          2/1/40

My Darling:
A letter has just come from you written Tuesday night, and telling me that you had gotten no letter from me.  I sent one off on Monday morning (special delivery) addressed to the _______.
And Sally sent one on Tuesday (special delivery) to Tarrytown.  I feel very badly about this for I will not have you think unkindly of me, now when I love you so and feel so worshipfully toward you for your goodness.  Last night I said to Sally that it was very much to me that I could talk to her freely about you and not have to hide from her how I loved you and always would love you.  I can and do talk to her so.
Life with us does go on in just the way that I wrote you it would.  It is very strange, and utterly unlike any experience of my life.  we are very happy together and part of that happiness is due to the thought—so often expressed—that you are coming back, and that this is, and always will be, your home.
I told Sally that it was your wish that the bedroom be changed, that for her sake it should be.  And I am having it changed just as you said it should be.  They are at work in it now.  There will be an office (10 x 11) built on where the outside door is.  And a fire place.  Oh darling—if you were only here!
I am attending—I have attended—to your insurance.  Long before you get this you’ll be covered for damage to others. 
This afternoon we drive over to Barbara and Adams’.  I made the date largely to take them your love and to tell them how very sorry you were not to have seen them and the children.  I think that I’ll tell them about us.
I think, too, that you should go to Reno as soon as it is convenient, for the humbugging that we have to practice is somehow out of character with the whole affair.
Gordon & “friends” arrive tonight some time.  Ida will receive them.  I tried to change our date with Barbara, but they’d made preparations for my coming tonight.
Cap has written that Clara is going with you.  I am happy about that for now more than ever I want my children to be close to you. 
God bless you, my darling.  And in this, Sally with all her heart joins me.
Always and forever lovingly,


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