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Dear "Unkie Yob". Rob, I am so sick

Dear "Unkie Yob". Rob, I am so sick
Dear "Unkie Yob". Rob, I am so sick
Dear "Unkie Yob". Rob, I am so sick
Dear "Unkie Yob". Rob, I am so sick


Remington, Frederic, 1861-1909
Remington, Frederic, 1861-1909 -- Correspondence
Artists – United States -- Correspondence
Art and society -- United States -- History -- 19th century
Remington, Frederic, 1861-1909
Original letter: ink on paper, 4 p.
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Highland Military Academy
Worcester, Mass.
Nov. 13th

Dear "Unkie Yob,"
Rob, I am so sick and have been so for the past few days that I can hardly find time to write. The cause of this is, upon receiving a letter from home I read a certain passage in it, that you will surmise that passage I have no doubt, and I imediately had an epelectic fit, and ruptured myself in the bargan. Now Rob I do feel so sorry for you but then it cant be helped. Dont let it happen again. By jove, I picture to myself horrors! What a sight it will be, when that sweet little picture of sequestered inocence arrives at the age of 18 years and. applies to his emaciated paternal for a $5 (sp.) william, in order that he may take his girl to a sleigh ride.

(Sketch with "Yob" reaching in back right .pocket man with cane on right labeled "The Infant" carrying cane with right hand outstretched)

Now if you are at a loss to find a name for this prodigy just take the advice of somebody who has had some experience in naming babies. Give him a good substancial name, such as will take poets eyes or break a girls heart to look at. For instance "Bret," "Leonel," "Chester," "Terril," or something similar. Dont be harsh or a helpless elf and apply any such epithet as "John, Bill, Horace, Hardie," or any other name like these who have been borne by notorious characters around Canton. Now I always liked Grandpa and would do anything for him or let him do anything for me, but name a baby.  He might name it after "Obadiah, or Zacharias" which worthy gentelmen were pasionately fond of attend  church, according to Bibalictic story.
It all very nice when he is contented with such things as these but when he demands these articles and requests the Gov. to put on the "mitts" with him; it is another affair.

(sketch of cart, ball, blocks, hammer, boy and soldier on bottom of page labeled 2nd)

(sketch of boxing gloves, pipe, crossed fencing swords, pistol and rifle on top left of third page. "mitts" written above boxing gloves)

No fooling "Yob" I congratulate you and Emma on the happiness which this occasion must needs afford. Now Rob, be shure that this aspirate never touches tobacco.

(sketch of Cadet's head winking right eye)

Ah! that me.
When he get old enough I'll learn him to "box." I have the job engaged with Monts (sp.) infant.

Yours affec.
Fred 'c.

Head Quarters H. Military Aca.
This 13 day of Nov. In the year of our Lord 1877


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