Works by Jones, Doug

Washing Jerusalem Artichokes in Wintertime harvest, jerusalem artichokes
Washing Leeks at the Washstand
Washing Lettuce lettuce, organic farming
Washing Tires of Manure/Compost Spreader Before Going into Quarentine Field organic farming, plant diseases
Wheel Hoeing Beans and Carrots appropriate technology, organic farming, tools, weeding, wheel hoe
Wheel Hoeing Spinach Bed appropriate technology, cultivation, organic farming, spinach, weeding
Winter Squash Interplanted with Spinach interplanting, organic farming, season extension, spinach, winter squash
Young Asparagus asparagus, organic farming
"Rogues Gallery" To Be Established in Canton
A "Land Access Information Center"?
A Vision: St. Lawrence County as a Whole, Self-Sufficient Community 4th world, dairy farms, land use, organic farming, sense of place
Cabbage Root Maggots... An Update cabbage, plant diseases
Feeding Ourselves in the North Country food policy, local food, organic farming, season extension
Feeding Ourselves in the North Country cold frames, organic farming, row covers, season extension, seedlings, soils
Green Manure: Building Soils with Importing Nutrients cover crops, green manure, soils
Local Co-operation Among Small Farmers activism, co-operatives, farming
Need Help? Try a Farm Apprentice apprentices, internships
Sheath of Crystal photo essay
Water, Weeds, Worms and Mulch organic farming
Cabin Construction architecture, building, buildings, dwelling
Canton Farmers' Market farmers' markets
Fun in the Garden
Girl on Horse with Cattle cattle, organic farming
Group Photograph on the Birdsfoot Porch group photograph, porches
Haying with a Hay Loader hay loaders, haying, tractors
Packaging Alfalfa Sprouts in the Birdsfoot Kitchen alfalfa sprouts, food processing, kitchens
Pause from Work
planting seedlings
Picnic Trip out on the Hog's Back gatherings, tractors
Woman with child on lap 2 kids, porches
Woman with child on lap 3 kids, porches
Visiting with the Calves calves, cows, dairy, dogs
Three men working in garden organic farming
The Tree Lives activism, biographical
Conversation with Lester Storie biographical, folklife, history, horses