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Phelps, Don E., Wind of death: a novel. Waretown, NJ: Emerson Publishing. 2007. Print


Homecoming -- Trapping -- Fort Niagara -- The falls -- Butler's Rangers -- Warnings -- The trap -- Massacre -- The cabin -- Capture -- Escape -- The run -- Bark eater -- Wolves -- Resurrection -- Revenge -- General Sullivan -- Metamorphosis -- Chief of scouts -- Newtown -- Iroquois country -- Tom Boyd -- White Wolf -- Home.; "When Daniel Sullivan returns to the Mohawk Valley following two terrifying battles at Saratoga, he finds his fiancée Popularity and father missing. His search takes him to the great falls on the Niagara River and to the frozen wilderness of the Adirondack Mountains, pursued by Indians and wolves. It takes him to the infamous Wyoming Valley massacre in Pennsylvania and on General George Washington's campaign to destroy the Iroquois Indians." -- cover.

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